How Desktop Push Notifications Work And How To Subscribe


Starting with OSX Mavericks, Apple has introduced a new feature for users called Safari Push Notifications.

As a reader, it lets you receive notifications on your desktop similar to the ones in the picture whenever a website that you have subscribed to has new content.

All you have to do is allow these websites to send you pushes. Nothing is installed on your mac, no data is collected. This is a feature that comes with the updated version of OSX starting with version 10.9.

You receive the push notifications automatically. Clicking on one will open Safari and take you to the linked content. If not, it will disappear after a few seconds.

As a publisher, it offers you a faster and more direct way of letting your mac readers know when you have new content to share in an unobtrusive and elegant way.  Check out Push Monkey, our solution for enabling Desktop Push Notifications on WordPress powered sites and blogs.

How can I opt in to receive push notifications from a website or blog?

  1. You need to have a Mac computer running OSX 10.9 ( Mavericks ) or  a later version.
  2. Open Safari and head over to the desired website that you want to subscribe to.
  3. You should see a small window prompt asking you if you would like to receive push notifications. Just click allow and you’re all set.



Note: You don’t need Safari open to receive the notifications after clicking allow but you can only subscribe to a website’s notifications with Safari right now. However, Chrome and Firefox are also working on updates that will enable this feature.

You can check out our list of websites that have enabled Safari Push Notifications.


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  1. Hi,

    Can I create users that allow them to login from my domain? so they able to send notification to their customer. Thank you

  2. 1. Can we use our own GCM/FCM Project with getpushmonkey?
    2. Is the push permission linked directly to our domain, e.g.
    3. Is it possible to migrate all of the subscribers in case of an provider change from getpushmonkey to an other vendor?
    many thanks!

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