Tips to Amplify Website Traffic Using Web Push Notifications

Using Web Push Notifications is one of the best ways to drive traffic to any website. Push Notifications help you re-engage with your web visitors and create a brand image that will drive them back to your website. Below are some of the Web Push Notification features that help to amplify traffic to your website: […]

How To Unsubscribe from Web Push Notifications

When it comes to Web Push Notifications, we at PushMonkey, help our customers to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. This allows our users to unsubscribe from the push notifications they receive. Here’s are the step-by-step instructions on how to unsubscribe from web push notifications for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari: Chrome To unsubscribe from […]

How to take advantage of the Drip Notifications?

The Drip Notification feature enables you to send more than one web push notification to each new subscriber in different time intervals. This helps the new subscriber understand your website better. Advantages of Drip Notifications: Enables you to send a series of notifications You can schedule these notifications for different time intervals Helps subscriber on […]

Avoid these common mistakes while sending Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notification is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience and keep them engaged. Using the right strategy, Push Notifications can be the most powerful way to re-engage with your audience. Below are some of the common mistakes that can be avoided while sending Web Push Notifications. No Personalization to […]

Tips for Sending Web Push Notifications during the Holiday Season!

The pandemic has rendered most brick & mortar stores useless while booming the online business for contactless, in-door shopping. Most digital marketers direct their attention to the same channels – social media, email marketing, blogs, etc. Keeping in mind the busy period, it’s essential, now more than ever, for marketers to stay ahead of the […]

How Publishers Can Leverage Web Push Notifications

Publishers are always looking for ways to get their audience back to their sites. With more and more competition in the digital publishing world, most publishers find it difficult to bring readers back to their sites time and again. Audience loyalty hasn’t been more of a concern than in today’s times. To manage and garner […]

Web Push Notifications for the E-Commerce Industry

Web Push Notifications for the E-Commerce Industry The e-commerce business has always been cutthroat, and the pandemic has just managed to put it in the forefront. With social distancing norms, sitting at home and ordering online has become the “new normal” in the world of retail. It isn’t surprising that this has put added pressure […]

Web Push Drip – On Popular Demand

You Asked and We listened! We quietly introduced web push DRIP and so far it’s been a HUGE hit for our clients. Give it a spin if you haven’t already! Taking it to the Next Level with “Drip” Push Messaging Push notifications have asserted themselves as perhaps the most important direct customer outreach innovation in […]

How to install Web Push Notifications for a website

Accordingly, to, currently, more than 770,000 sites are using For the uninitiated, with drag-and-drop integrations, plugging in content and media is easier than ever, giving the user the freedom to create the kind of site they want. Wix offers hundreds of pre-made templates to choose from, or if they wish to, a blank […]


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