SMBs, Here’s How to Conquer the Market with Web Push Notifications

Low budgets, limited resources, lack of expertise, limited cash flow. These are sets of words you frequently hear when you’re an SMB or SME, which makes you wonder how you’re going to make a mark for yourself in the market. Now everyone knows that a business without marketing is just about as effective as winking […]

Price Drop Notification

Rekindle the Excitement of Your Customers with Our Shopify App

The Push Monkey Shopify app has been around for a few good months. The most notable features included: 1. Abandoned cart notifications that remind your subscribers about items they have left in their shopping cart and did not finalise the purchase 2. Allow visitor to subscribe to website push notifications send by your shop 3. Allow […]

Event Based Segmentation and How to Find your Perfect Audience

When visitors arrive on your website, they read certain articles, interact with various widgets, favourite certain products or click on various content. This activity tells you something about the wants and needs of each particular visitor. Wouldn’t it be great if you could send a discount coupon to that user that has looked at particular […]

Activating Push Notifications on OceanWP

Great News! We are partnering up with the folks at OceanWP. This means that you can activate push notifications directly from inside the Ocean-Extra plugin. After installing the Ocean-Extra plugin, to activate push notifications you will need to create an account on Once your account is active, please go to your Dashboard on […]

Postmortem for the Incident on the 14th of Dec

  The following is the incident report for the push notification problem that occurred on December 14th, 2017. We understand this service issue has impacted our valued clients and readers, and we apologise to everyone who was affected. Issue Summary From 8:00AM to 4:00PM EST, all scheduled push notifications have been sent out multiple times. […]

Automate Push Notifications With RSS Feeds

We always aim to make your life as a content publisher easier, while allowing you to reach your audience through new channels. Aside from the automation provided by our WordPress plugin, we are happy to have launched a new feature: sending push notifications from RSS Feeds. What does that mean for you? RSS Feeds are […]

Geolocation – target your subscribers by geographical location and see statistics

Once your reader base hits a certain number, you might realise different patterns related to their geographical location. One example is the time-zone. While tools like Google Analytics have been showing you nice maps for the location of your visitors for a long time, that information needs to translate to the tools you use to […]

Notifications Can Now Display Images

Desktop push notifications are the most direct way to instantly announce new content or messages to your readers or followers. A title and a short excerpt of the article can sometimes be enough to get the attention of subscribers and bring them back to your website. What if the notification could be even more relevant? […]


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