Every new sale, every review and every new customer brings excitement in the life of a small shop owner. Through all the hustle and bustle, physical products can go out of stock, which can lead to a missed sale. Our Shopify app aims to help recover this missed sale and bring consumers back to the store once the product is available again by introducing the “Back in Stock” feature.

Featured on a blog? Cracked that Adwords campaign? Your store can see a surge of visitors in moments. Awesome! But what if your inventory sells out?

Don’t lose sales when your inventory runs out. “Back in Stock” notifications make it easy for customers to sign up for a back in stock email alert. When you restock products the waiting customers are emailed automatically to bring them back to your store and complete the purchase.

It’s simple to setup and runs automatically.

Example of Back in Stock CTA

When the consumer lands on a the page of a product that is temporarily out of stock, a small call-to-action appears on the bottom right of the screen and with 1 click, consumers can subscribe and be informed the moment a product can be purchased again.

Measure demand, not just sales

Something every store owner needs to know: what items do my customers most want to buy?

Use the Push Monkey Dashboard to immediately see what items customers want to buy.

Dashboard Top 5

Increase your profits by knowing rather than guessing what customers want.

Powerful customisation of the “Back in Stock” notifications

Although our default button and pop-up form convert well, we appreciate that you want them to integrate seamlessly with your store. We make this as easy as possible. You can:

  1. Customise the content of the call-to-action that users see.
  2. Customise the content of the push notification itself, which can include the product name.
  3. Create custom integrations if you are a developer using our Javascript API.

Super friendly and experienced support

If you’ve got questions, before or after installation, just drop an email to support@backinstock.org. We’ll get back to you quickly by email, and we won’t use tech language unless you do.

Shopify comes by default with an way to notify users over email about the status of a product, but as we have seen previously, emails have their known shortcomings, while push notifications are the most direct way of reaching out to your loyal users and bringing them back to your shop.

This feature works on all major browsers on desktop and mobile (Android) devices.

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