How Publishers Can Leverage Web Push Notifications

Publishers are always looking for ways to get their audience back to their sites. With more and more competition in the digital publishing world, most publishers find it difficult to bring readers back to their sites time and again. Audience loyalty hasn’t been more of a concern than in today’s times. To manage and garner […]

Subscribe for Push Notification for New Episodes of the Indie Hackers Podcast

Push Monkey is growing day over day and it’s thrilling! Through all the daily operations: bug reports, building features, customer support, we all need a bit of motivational kick. Some resource of inspiration, one that can shed new light on a problem. Such a source for me is The Indie Hackers community and podcast. The […]

Increase Subscriptions with Proper Timing

The internet today can be a real obstacle course of ads, pop-ups, banners and interactive advertising experiences that stand in the way of visitors reading your content. What can be done about this? The full answer is rather complex, but we would like to improve this by introducing a sweet new feature: customisable ways of […]

SMBs, Here’s How to Conquer the Market with Web Push Notifications

Low budgets, limited resources, lack of expertise, limited cash flow. These are sets of words you frequently hear when you’re an SMB or SME, which makes you wonder how you’re going to make a mark for yourself in the market. Now everyone knows that a business without marketing is just about as effective as winking […]

7 tools to boost your content distribution and delivery

There are a lot of neat tools out there designed to help with content distribution or delivery.  Some of them we already knew, some we discovered while making Push Monkey.  Here’s a list of what we use and what we found interesting: Buffer – a great tool to create a publishing schedule for all you want […]


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