Web Push Notifications for the E-Commerce Industry

Web Push Notifications for the E-Commerce Industry The e-commerce business has always been cutthroat, and the pandemic has just managed to put it in the forefront. With social distancing norms, sitting at home and ordering online has become the “new normal” in the world of retail. It isn’t surprising that this has put added pressure […]

Web Push Notifications Opt-in: Time it right and hit the spot

Web push notifications, as you probably already know, are one of the greatest marketing assets out there today. What makes them so indispensable to all kinds of marketing endeavours is their flexibility to different platforms, as well as the subsequent non-intrusiveness that is reflected in the messaging. Web push notifications are the gates that hold […]

Strike the Right First Chord with the Welcome Push Notification

“Make a great first impression” is a phrase that most of us have heard on multiple occasions and in various scenarios of our lives. Be it a crucial interview or a first date; your ideal course of action must always begin with creating an impactful impression on the person sitting across from you. The same […]

Shopify and Personalized Push Notifications

You have just installed the Push Monkey app on your Shopify store, consumers are subscribing for push notifications, a few abandoned carts are rescued, some products are being watched for price drops. It all seems to go fairly alright until now. What is the next step? The natural next step is to increase your numbers: […]

“Back in Stock” Push Notifications for Shopify

Every new sale, every review and every new customer brings excitement in the life of a small shop owner. Through all the hustle and bustle, physical products can go out of stock, which can lead to a missed sale. Our Shopify app aims to help recover this missed sale and bring consumers back to the […]

SMBs, Here’s How to Conquer the Market with Web Push Notifications

Low budgets, limited resources, lack of expertise, limited cash flow. These are sets of words you frequently hear when you’re an SMB or SME, which makes you wonder how you’re going to make a mark for yourself in the market. Now everyone knows that a business without marketing is just about as effective as winking […]

Price Drop Notification

Rekindle the Excitement of Your Customers with Our Shopify App

The Push Monkey Shopify app has been around for a few good months. The most notable features included: 1. Abandoned cart notifications that remind your subscribers about items they have left in their shopping cart and did not finalise the purchase 2. Allow visitor to subscribe to website push notifications send by your shop 3. Allow […]


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