As with any distribution channel, there are a few things to consider when sending out pushes in order for both you and your readers to get the most out of them.

Although we will have a follow up based on desktop push notification data, here’s some tips from our experience with push notifications in the mobile world:

  1. Keep it concise and to the point – Each push allows roughly 30 characters for the title and 95 for the “first paragraph”.  Always get to the point or use a call to action in the title and use the remaining space to strengthen that call or to give some more juicy details.  And no,  just because you can use 125 characters doesn’t mean you have to.
  2. Not every post deserves a push – There’s a high chance that your Mac readers are not into everything you post. However, you know your audience better than anyone. So use that to your advantage and curate your own content whenever possible. Sometimes it’s better to send more out in order to get more in.
  3. Sometimes, good pushes come to those who wait – This is a new channel. There’s a chance that the regular “best posting times” might be off or irrelevant. Consider both your audience but also the time when they normally use their Macs.
  4. Listen to your data – You’re getting feedback both from our analytics, your site analytics and probably feedback from your readers (directly or through their actions). Use that when deciding your next great push.

Looking forward to your notifications.


We’ve created a bunch of How-To videos to help you to get started with Push Monkey.

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