The internet today can be a real obstacle course of ads, pop-ups, banners and interactive advertising experiences that stand in the way of visitors reading your content. What can be done about this? The full answer is rather complex, but we would like to improve this by introducing a sweet new feature: customisable ways of asking visitors to subscribe.

The introduction of this feature came as a reaction to a tweet made by Chris Heilmann a few days ago:

He points out that on the first visit to a web page, a prompt to ask people to subscribe appears. Why would anyone subscribe when seeing a website for the very first time?

Customisable Ways of Asking Visitors to Subscribe

1. Ask visitors to subscribe only after clicking on a button or link. Do so by calling a certain JS method on click. A good example of this is, that allows users to opt-in for web push notifications by adding a special bell icon alongside existing social and community.

The documentation for this is really straightforward and can be found here.

2. Ask visitors to subscribe after spending a custom number of seconds on your website, so that they can have enough time to read part of your content and gather enough info to make a decision about subscribing.

3. Ask visitors to subscribe after visiting your website a number of times. After multiple visits and continuous engagement subscribing to web push notifications that send nuggets of updates to their mobiles and desktops is quite natural.

Dashboard -> General Settings

High level of relevance

With web push notifications, e-commerce stores or content publishers can easily reach out to new users with relevant content. Because web push notifications are a more intimate and direct experience, compared to email, subscribers tend to keep their subscription lists much tidier.

Push Monkey and web push notifications has the potential to change the popular approach to online marketing by providing relevant content to the most interested users.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


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