After dozens of bananas eaten, the monkeys are back and they’ve not come empty handed. Here are the new features that we’ve published with our recent Push Monkey plugin updates:

1. Custom Notification Format:

Initially the format for notifications was icon, title and part of the first paragraph.  Now you can switch to a custom text ( as the title ) + the title of the post / content that you are pushing.

If you usually craft longer and more descriptive titles, the custom format might be a better option.

Push Monkey custom notification format


2. Partially or completely disable the call to action banner:

At the end of January we added the option of having a call to action banner for times when your Apple users visit your site using a different browser than Safari.  With the latest update you can now choose to disable the banner on your homepage.

If you also wish that only those readers that use Safari get the option to subscribe, you can disable the banner completely.

Call to action Banner Push Monkey


To enable these features, just update Push Monkey to the latest version!


Need more info or help regarding Push Monkey?  Check out our F.A.Q.


We’ve created a bunch of How-To videos to help you to get started with Push Monkey.

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