Market segmentation is a marketing strategy that involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs and desires as well as common applications for the relevant goods and services.

If you’re using Push Monkey for sending push notifications to your readers, you now have a new tool to track what your readers are interested in: segmentation.

Segmentation is by now a standard strategy, enabled by many marketing tools and quite an important factor in making data driven decisions about publishing content.

The benefits we see for this new feature are two-fold:

1. Allowing subscribers to receive relevant push notifications – in the era where readers lose track of the number of newsletters they are subscribed to, relevancy is key. E-mail is still quite a cluttered marketing channel, with many inboxes overflowing with unread weekly digest. Push Monkey strives to use the relatively new channel of push notifications and keep it highly relevant.

2. Allowing content creators and publishers to gauge the interest of readers, by tracking popular topics. The Push Monkey Dashboard allows you to see the number of subscribers for each segment.

Here’s the overview of how segmentation works in Push Monkey:

1. The content creator defines a few topics in their Push Monkey Dashboard or from inside the WordPress plugin.
2. When a reader is visiting the website and subscribes to receive desktop push notifications, a dialog appears after subscribing. This dialog contains the topics defined by the content creator.
3. Once the interesting topics are selected, the reader is all set up.

If the readers doesn’t select any segments, they will receive notifications for all the notifications sent.

Do you find the feature useful? Let us know your thoughts.

For WordPress editors, the workflow is similar to the steps from above, with the exception that everything happens from inside the WordPress Admin. Sending custom notifications or publishing posts displays an option to select the segment this belongs to.

Currently segmentation is available to all price plans (including the free trial) and all supported browsers.

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