Desktop push notifications are the most direct way to instantly announce new content or messages to your readers or followers. A title and a short excerpt of the article can sometimes be enough to get the attention of subscribers and bring them back to your website. What if the notification could be even more relevant? Would that express more about the new post or article you just published? We think so. For this reason, your notifications can now display an image too.

Sample notification with image
Sample notification with image

WordPress integration

If you’re using Push Monkey directly from WordPress, you have two ways to include an image with the push notifications.

  1. If sending a custom push notification from the Dashboard widget, simply select an image for the Image field before clicking “Send”. Push Monkey WordPress Dashboard Widget

Push Monkey WordPress Dashboard Widget

2. If the desktop push notifications are sent automatically when publishing a post, Push Monkey will automatically use the featured image of the post. Simply add a featured image and you’re all done

Push Monkey Dashboard

If you use Push Monkey directly from, there’s a new field named Image on the Dashboard. Select the image you’d like to include with the notification and you’re done.

Push Monkey Dashboard Field
Push Monkey Dashboard Field


For the best experience, we recommend the image to be rather small in file size, less than 500 kb and in 16:9 ratio or at least for it to be a landscape image.

Platform support

Currently the only browser that can display images is Chrome, on both Mac and Windows, version 50 and above. Even though Firefox uses a similar system as Chrome, it does not display images. Safari is in a similar situation as Firefox.

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We’ve created a bunch of How-To videos to help you to get started with Push Monkey.

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