Geolocation – target your subscribers by geographical location and see statistics

Once your reader base hits a certain number, you might realise different patterns related to their geographical location. One example is the time-zone. While tools like Google Analytics have been showing you nice maps for the location of your visitors for a long time, that information needs to translate to the tools you use to […]

Notifications Can Now Display Images

Desktop push notifications are the most direct way to instantly announce new content or messages to your readers or followers. A title and a short excerpt of the article can sometimes be enough to get the attention of subscribers and bring them back to your website. What if the notification could be even more relevant? […]

New on Push Monkey – Segmentation

Market segmentation is a marketing strategy that involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs and desires as well as common applications for the relevant goods and services. If you’re using Push Monkey for sending push notifications to your readers, you now have a new tool to track what your […]

Push Monkey is now available for both http and https websites !

  We recently managed to make the service available also in other browser “jungles”,  but we could only make Push Monkey compatible with https websites.  Our monkeys did not like that one bit and that can mean only one thing: After some serious work and a lot of banana splits, we will soon update the service so that […]

New Feature: Custom background and button colour for the subscribe banner

After introducing the subscribe banner, a considerable amount of users wanted the option to customise it and align it to the colours and patterns used on each website.  Well now you can. It doesn’t matter if you  need blue bananas or red, purple or yellow, grey or white or black… or even a pink banana with […]

The monkeys are back and they bear gifts: The Chrome and Firefox kind

It has been some time since we have given an update on how things are going and all the monkeys are super excited about how the next months will evolve for the service.  Without further ado… or bananas: Push Monkey now sends desktop notifications on Chrome and Firefox as well! What this basically means is […]

New Features: Custom Notification Format And Banner Disabling

After dozens of bananas eaten, the monkeys are back and they’ve not come empty handed. Here are the new features that we’ve published with our recent Push Monkey plugin updates: 1. Custom Notification Format: Initially the format for notifications was icon, title and part of the first paragraph.  Now you can switch to a custom text ( as […]

Chrome 42 Beta brings push notifications for Chrome OS, Android and almost Desktop

Chrome 42, a recent beta release, adds a Push API that lets developers use a Service Worker to implement and send push notifications. More simply put, we will soon be able to send native notifications to Chrome OS, Android  and partially to Chrome Desktop similar to how Safari Push Notifications work on Apple Computers. I […]

Push Monkey Update: Getting Started + Customizable Banners

In our latest plugin updates we’ve added some new features and elements in the dashboard that you might find interesting: A new getting started section where you can find important tips and help regarding Safari Push Notifications.  You talked and we listened. Customizable CTA banners are in! Personalize and translate the banner text to better fit […]


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