Five ways to take advantage of the custom push

Since Push Monkey automatically sends a notification when you publish posts and you have already filtered out for which categories to send, it is easy to forget the option to send a custom push. Here are a few ways that you can use the custom push notification to better engage your readers:

Push Monkey got featured on WPMetaList

In their own words, “WPMetaList is a platform of community recommended WordPress products”. We really liked the “community recommended” part so we submitted as well. We also like the mascot. This week, we had the pleasant surprise of seeing Push Monkey on the list! I know we are in the pushing business, but this time we […]

Reastaurants Push Notifications

How Restaurants, Bars, Bakeries and Coffee shops can use Safari Push Notifications

If you own a restaurant, bar, bakery, coffee shop, etc.  and are interested in new ways to enhance the way you engage and communicate with your clients, then you might want to check out Safari Push Notifications. In short, you can enable your Mac readers to subscribe to your website and receive notifications on their desktop […]

More push for your buck: The “cool update” sale!

In the past week, Push Monkey received several important updates. Apart from bug fixes and improvements, we’ve also pushed out 2 new features: 1. Filtering for custom post types – You can now exclude sending notifications for each custom post type configured on your website in addition to filtering by category for standard posts. 2. […]

New Feature: CTA banner for Mac users not using Safari

Considering that right now subscribing to Desktop Push Notifications is only possible via Safari, a lot of your Mac readers, even if they would want to subscribe, might never become aware of this option. Although Safari is installed on every Apple computer, globally 42% of people browsing the internet use Chrome and 16% use Firefox.

New Feature: Granular filtering for all custom post types

Up until our recent update, filtering the content on your website that is allowed to send out push notifications was only possible by category for the standard post type. With the latest version of Push Monkey, you can now also decide which custom post types send out notifications. You can also exclude all content under […]

7 tools to boost your content distribution and delivery

There are a lot of neat tools out there designed to help with content distribution or delivery.  Some of them we already knew, some we discovered while making Push Monkey.  Here’s a list of what we use and what we found interesting: Buffer – a great tool to create a publishing schedule for all you want […]

Mac Sales Graph - Push Monkey

More of your readers will be ready for Desktop Push Notifications

According to Apple’s last financial report, it shipped 5.5 million Macs last quarter. To give this some weight, that’s 1 million more than last year at a time when the PC market is generally shrinking. This trend means a lot more people will be using Macs by the end of this year and indirectly, more […]

Unexpected businesses adopting desktop push notifications

Hi there Madness, I’m Alex from Push Monkey. I’m writing because a common friend thought you might be interested in our service. We’re also writing because we’ve been following and experiencing the work that you do (literally) and we believe that our service could really boost your results.  We know how tough it is to […]


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