Price Drop Notification

The Push Monkey Shopify app has been around for a few good months. The most notable features included:

1. Abandoned cart notifications that remind your subscribers about items they have left in their shopping cart and did not finalise the purchase

2. Allow visitor to subscribe to website push notifications send by your shop

3. Allow you, as a store owner, to reach out to subscribers by sending news and updates, as well as various other discounts, coupons or offers.

We say “included”, because the new update is a massive leap forward. The aim is not only to provide new tools for store owners to bring back customers to their shop, but also transparent ways ensure that these tools bring the desired ROI.

Here’s an overview of the new features.

Price Drop Notifications

Your customers might really like a product you’re selling, but not ready to pay the sticker price just now. “Price Drop Notifications” give you a second chance to get their attention, buy automatically sending a web push notification when you change the price of an item.

Example of CTA on Product page

Back In Stock Notifications

Any successful  eCommerce operation implies a steady flow of stock. Sometimes with the side-effect of a product going out of stock. If customers lands on such a product they can subscribe to  “Back In Stock” notifications and be informed immediately when a product become available again. Win-win.

Example of Back in Stock CTA

Abandoned Cart Stats

This is part of our aim to clearly show you, as the store owner, the benefits of using Push Monkey. The first step is to show how much revenue has been made by rescuing abandoned carts. Please find below an example of a “Rescued Carts” chart that you can find on your Push Monkey Shopify Dashboard.

Example of stats for Abandoned Carts

We will go into further detail about the features above in a following series of blog posts dedicated to Shopify.

In the meantime, if you have any other ideas or suggestions about ways in which web push notifications can help you, we would love to hear them. Click here to contact us. The Monkey is generous in rewarding the best ideas.

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We’ve created a bunch of How-To videos to help you to get started with Push Monkey.

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