Low budgets, limited resources, lack of expertise, limited cash flow. These are sets of words you frequently hear when you’re an SMB or SME, which makes you wonder how you’re going to make a mark for yourself in the market. Now everyone knows that a business without marketing is just about as effective as winking at a girl in the dark. And the solution therefore presents itself. Once you have decided to grab the marketing olive branch, the next step is to ascertain the right channel for your business. As an SMB, your ideal would be one that is cost effective and is well within reach of your target group. It is worth noting at this point that, web push notifications are very effective in fulfilling both of these requirements, eventually leading to increased sales.

What makes website push notifications such an effective marketing tool, is that they allow for constant communication with your subscribers over multiple devices, like smartphones, tablets, as well as desktop platforms. They are essentially a great way to keep in touch with your customers, without them having to actually visit your website. Push notifications also trump email and SMS, as these channels require customers to share their email ID or phone number with you— something that most users are reluctant to do. In the case of web push notifications, all your user needs to do is click the “allow” button on the permission prompt that flashes on your website when they visit it. Easy peasy.

Here’s more on how exactly web push notifications can help you drive your sales:

  1. More traffic with a lower budget

As mentioned earlier, every small business owner such as (possibly) yourself, is challenged by a  low marketing budget. Push notifications may be the right answer for you, as they can help attract the required traffic at significantly less expense than traditional email marketing or retargeted advertisements. Gone is the need to spam users’ inbox for business. Push notifications offer a cleaner, more versatile option that allows you to reach a larger audience, and gain more website traffic.

  1. Reach people via a variety of devices

Today, people don’t own just one device. It’s very likely that your user owns a smartphone, a PC/laptop, as well as a tablet. Not to worry though, as push notifications don’t discriminate and ensure that your message reaches users on whatever platform they use. However, you need to be slightly cautious, and keep track of all the devices of your customers. After all, you don’t want to re-create a classical tragedy by bombarding users with the same message on all their devices.  

  1. Keep in touch with your customers and make sure they know you still exist

As a small business, it’s really important to make sure your customers keep coming back to you. One way of ensuring this is by reminding them that you’re around or by giving them an update on your latest products, services or offers through push notifications. You’re probably wondering why this can’t be done via email or SMS. Well, of course it can, but it would not be as effective. Your push notification list is likely to be longer than your mailing list, as getting people to subscribe to your emails takes a while, and it is likely to happen only after multiple dealings with you. In addition to this, if you ask users for their contact information, there’s a good chance of ending up with fake email IDs and phone numbers. Web push notifications can help you avoid all of this, and still stay in touch with your customers. In order to ensure good re-engagement, the “You’re missed” ploy can prove compelling to the user, if used effectively.

  1. Know what you’re doing right or wrong

In today’s Darwinian marketing scenario, it is quite crucial for small businesses to be completely aware of their shortcomings. Besides knowing where you may be going wrong, it is also important to know what you’re doing right in order to stay motivated. For this, feedback is all-important, and you must therefore be smart about obtaining it. Instead of sending out long surveys to your customers, sending them a push notification with a closed ended question is way easier, and can guarantee a response. With just one click and without having to look away from what they’re doing, your user will have given you feedback.

  1. You won’t have to spend loads of time crafting messages

Unlike an email, a push notification does not require loads of creative, high-quality content. Of course, the content of your push notification does have to be well thought-out and relevant– but the amount of copy you require isn’t as much as an email, and so, writing the content for a push notification does not take up a lot of your time.

  1. Make the most of your customer acquisition cost

As an SMB in the world we live in today, you probably (and should) have a website. And in order to acquire new customers on the web, you’ve got a certain customer acquisition cost. Web push notifications serve as a whole new way of obtaining new customers and building a relationship with them, which is an excellent opportunity for you to take full advantage of your customer acquisition cost.

  1. You can use them even if your business doesn’t have a mobile app

It’s common for a small business to have limited budgets, which means you probably can’t afford the resources you need to build your business a mobile app. Lucky for you, web push notifications can be used without having a mobile app, so your customers do not miss out on your updates– something that works well for them, and you.

Including web push notifications in your marketing strategy will surely help yield results you never imagined. After all, “pushing” a message onto your target users will ensure that your content is seen, and prompts them to act in a way you intended. As an SMB, it’s important to take advantage of this cost-effective marketing channel, and ensure that you’re one step closer to success and are not part of the 90% of small businesses that fail.

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