Push Monkey is growing day over day and it’s thrilling! Through all the daily operations: bug reports, building features, customer support, we all need a bit of motivational kick. Some resource of inspiration, one that can shed new light on a problem. Such a source for me is The Indie Hackers community and podcast. The wicked articles and insightful interviews are full of lessons and tips from other entrepreneurs and people that build great products.

Once a week the guys behind The Indie Hackers (Courtland and co.)  also publish a podcast. Because podcasts are such a practical way to passively acquire knowledge, my iTunes can barely cope with the amount of subscriptions, resulting in quite a few episodes missed and a long backlog to catch up on. Since the main advantage of Push Monkey is to receive a small nudge when new content is available online, I have put together a little experiment. When a new episode of The Indie Hackers podcast is available, their RSS feed is updated, so I’ve assembled a quick landing page where listeners can subscribe for push notifications. Once a new episode is available, a desktop or mobile push notification is sent. Voilà, no more missed episodes! Let the inspiration flow.

Subscribe to push notifications here: getpushmonkey.com/indiehackers

Can you think of other use cases like this one for push notifications?


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