The pandemic has rendered most brick & mortar stores useless while booming the online business for contactless, in-door shopping. Most digital marketers direct their attention to the same channels – social media, email marketing, blogs, etc. Keeping in mind the busy period, it’s essential, now more than ever, for marketers to stay ahead of the competition.

This is where ground-breaking innovations, like web push notifications, become the ultimate tool to support powerful marketing strategies.

Leverage Historical Data:

Now, there’s no evidence to say that users will buy the exact same things from the last year or the year before that, but it’s always useful to have user data handy. Understanding customer behaviour can provide extremely intelligent and actionable insights for crafting the perfect marketing technique. Past user behaviour like what went well, what can be replicated, and what to leave out can prove to be a strong starting point for businesses.

Prepare Well In Advance:

Don’t wait for last-minute marketing campaigns! A good push notification marketing strategy needs good prep. Sending holiday content and visuals will not help if initiated just days before Christmas. Ensure that all your push notification content is ready-to-go weeks in advance to get the timing right for even the highest shopping procrastinators. 

Holiday Themed Campaigns

The holidays are the perfect time to send out highly engaging and interactive content – especially visually appealing messages. Highly striking imagery complete with baubles, gifts, snow, sleighs can trigger happy emotions in most customers at this time of the year and awaken the holiday spirit

Plan an Abandoned Cart Campaign

With so many e-commerce businesses targeting the same band of customers, users can get easily distracted because of the hoard of options. Ensure you have a strong abandoned cart campaign ready to re-entice the users who have left your website and your carts. Timely reminders for abandoned carts can have users back to your site to complete their purchases.

Christmas is Not the Limit

Don’t target your push notification strategy only around or until Christmas. Have a comprehensive plan in place to leverage and re-engage your customers by switching to a New Year’s campaign. Retain your holiday customers post the holidays by getting special promotions to get them back to your website. 

The holidays are an excellent time to boost sales. Getting stronger and more holistic solutions like web push notifications can help e-commerce businesses to have the perfect competitive edge.

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