Using Web Push Notifications is one of the best ways to drive traffic to any website. Push Notifications help you re-engage with your web visitors and create a brand image that will drive them back to your website.

Below are some of the Web Push Notification features that help to amplify traffic to your website:

Drip Notification

The Drip Notification feature allows you to send a series of Web Push Notifications to your subscribers from Day 1. As a web visitor subscribes to your website, these notifications are triggered in the set time intervals.

With Drip Notifications, you can create a successful Onboarding campaign. Here’s a blog on How you can take advantage of the Drip Notification feature.

Flash Sale Alerts

Notifying your subscribers about a Flash Sale can drive huge traffic to your website. Web Push Notifications can instantly apprise your subscribers about the sale. Such notifications are hard to miss!

Subscriber Time Zone

You might have subscribers across the globe who have subscribed to your website. It wouldn’t make sense if your subscriber receives a push notification from you in the middle of the night. Hence, it is very important to send notifications to your subscribers according to their local time zone.

Take advantage of PushMonkey’s segmentation feature to filter your audience according to their location and timezones.
This will definitely increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of the web push notifications and will spike traffic to your website.


Personalization of your Push Notification content is always the most effective way to communicate with your subscribers. Adding custom banner images, icons, action buttons, and text that is to the point & attention-grabbing will help drive traffic to your website.

If you have an e-commerce store, you can use the Triggered notifications that drive huge traffic to your website. Here are some of the most powerful Triggered Notifications:

Abandonment Cart Alert:

Whenever a subscriber abandons the shopping cart, you can trigger an automated custom push notification. This notification can be triggered minutes, hours, and days after the subscriber adds the products to the cart and abandons it.

Price Drop Alerts:

A subscriber can set a price drop alert for a specific product from your website. Once the price is dropped on your website, an automated push notification is triggered that alerts the subscriber about the price drop of that specific product and directs them to the product page.

Back In Stock Alerts:

If a product is out of stock on your website, a subscriber can set a back-in-stock alert for that specific product. Once the product is in stock on your website, an automated push notification is triggered where the subscriber is alerted about the product being back in stock and ready to purchase.

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