You Asked and We listened! We quietly introduced web push DRIP and so far it’s been a HUGE hit for our clients. Give it a spin if you haven’t already!

Taking it to the Next Level with “Drip” Push Messaging

Push notifications have asserted themselves as perhaps the most important direct customer outreach innovation in the web-based marketing arsenal over the past decade, supplanting the centrality of email-based strategies to an accelerating degree in recent years.

As more and more businesses gravitate toward the benefits of this increasingly effective tool, the tool itself is evolving to present even more significant advantages, and Push Monkey continues to lead that revolution.

Our latest innovation offers some game changing new strategic and tactical angles.

Introducing Drip Push Messaging

The central idea with Drip Push Messages is the added flexibility and the dimension of strategic planning that they introduce to the onboarding process for any new sign-up.

The essence of the Drip Push Messaging system is the ability to preprogram a message or a series of messages as an automated response to a new user sign-up. This creates some very interesting possibilities.

After all, the objective isn’t just new traffic. New traffic is a means to an end. Engagement is the real goal. And Drip Push Messaging can offer you a valuable new mechanism to ramp up that engagement for every new visitor who stumbles into your neck of the woods.

A Unique Onboarding Experience

With “Welcome Drip Notifications”, you can set up a series of automated push notifications for new subscribers. This drip can be used to help users navigate your website, understand what you have to offer, or guide them through a specific user journey.

For example, let’s say you have a website that offers research covering interesting biotechnology stocks. When a new user happens onto your site, finds the content valuable, and signs up for notifications, you can use Drip Push Messaging to orchestrate an automatic onboarding process to engage your new fan with rich responsive tact.

After the first day, your new user can receive a desktop notification at the closing bell offering an insightful comment about recent action in the biotechnology sector and a link to the most popular article you have posted to your site in the past 7 days.

Then, after a couple more days, your new user might receive a new notification updating the action and pointing out some new breakthrough research data that could change the game for stocks in the cancer treatment space.

Following that, a week later, your new user might be working on some research, and up pops a message pointing out the educational materials on your site offering in-depth information about how to value early-stage companies working on new medical solutions.

Set It and Forget It

With Drip Push Messaging, all of this can take place for all of your new sign-ups, and all without you having to lift a finger.

Consider how much more engaged your users might be with Drip Push Messaging! It doesn’t demand anything more of you or your team, but your results will improve across every major category of engagement.

Can you really afford to not make use of this innovative new tool?


We’ve created a bunch of How-To videos to help you to get started with Push Monkey.

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