Web Push Notifications for the E-Commerce Industry

The e-commerce business has always been cutthroat, and the pandemic has just managed to put it in the forefront. With social distancing norms, sitting at home and ordering online has become the “new normal” in the world of retail.

It isn’t surprising that this has put added pressure on digital marketers to make sure their business stays relevant. To stay ahead of the competition, marketers are always looking for new and innovative hacks to ensure maximum digital sales.

And a popular ‘new hack’ in the digital marketing space is the introduction of web push notifications.

A powerful marketing tool, web push notifications is an instant and real-time way of messaging or notifying online customers. A permission-based tool, push notifications are needed to be enabled by the user for updates from a particular website.

Unlike mobile push notifications, web push notifications do not need users to be active on the website to receive updates. They work on all devices – including desktops.

Web Push Notification Example

Why are Web Push Notifications essential for a successful e-commerce marketing strategy?

  1. Ease of Reach

Web push notifications essentially do the same job as emails – keeping the end-user updated on important notices and promotions. However, unlike emails, push notifications do not need any customer-related information to reach them. This ultimately makes it easier and faster to connect to an audience, without the hassle of actually collating massive customer contact data.

  1. Cost-effective

Most small and medium-sized businesses might not have an app but will most definitely have a website. For the longest time, push notifications could only be sent to customers through a business app. It’s not unknown that the investment in developing an app can be quite expensive, especially for businesses that are starting up. With web push notifications, businesses can have their notifications delivered to users even without the existence of a mobile app. 

  1. Higher Engagement 

Emails are useful, no doubt about that. But web push notifications are even better! According to our analysis team, web push notifications have a X5 higher engagement rate than emails, and an average 8.5% click through rate compared to a CTR of 2.4% of emails.

Click Through Rate For Web Push Vs Emails
  1. Purchase Funnel Visibility

One of the biggest problems e-commerce websites face are cart abandonment issues. With web push notifications, e-commerce sites can keep in touch with their users through all stages of their online activity. Better equipped at handling abandoned carts, push notifications do a much better job of directing their users back to their sites for a successful conversion.

  1. Enhanced Retargeting

Many e-commerce websites turn out to be a ‘virtual window-shopping’ experience for most people. Users browse through a variety of products, but most times don’t end up converting to paid customers. Web push notifications remind users of the products that they browsed, making a much better advertisement channel than most retargeting ads. 

  1. Improved Conversions

Email open rates have seen a consistent decline over the years, but with push notifications, businesses can notify users instantly without the worry of going unnoticed or skipped. Unlike email marketing, web push notifications can target, retarget, and retain customers more efficiently, not only on mobile devices but also on desktops. 

  1. Real-time Engagement

One of the best advantages of web push notifications is INSTANT delivery time. Be it flash sales, promotions, or delivery statuses, the rapid reach with push notifications is unparalleled. Users can stay up-to-date with a brand’s on-ongoings better than any other marketing channel.

The Last Word

Web push notifications provide e-commerce sites with various advantages that have been proven better than email or SMS marketing. With the right content strategy and optimization, push notifications can be extremely useful for enhanced website traffic and also, sales!

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