The amount of content being published every minute in 2014 is overwhelming to say the least:

  • WordPress users publish close to 350 new posts
  • Tumblr users publish almost 28.000 new posts (probably including reblogs)
  • Instagram users share 3.600 new photos
  •  Youtube users upload 2 days worth of video

For a few years now, it has been made clear that content distribution is as important, if not sometimes more important than the content itself.

Some have said that if content is king, then distribution is the crown prince  and even the king maker.

Distribution however is a competitive space as well with  Facebook users sharing a little over 648.000 new pieces of content for example or Twitter users sending over 100.000 new tweets and so on.

Simply put, your content is fighting every day to get in front and get the reader’s attention while you are trying to help it get seen. That’s where Push Monkey and desktop push notifications come in.

If you have a sizeable Mac user base your content can reach them faster and more direct by sending notifications straight to their desktop when  you publish.

Push Monkey also lets you control which content you want to push and at the same time lets your readers choose which categories or sections they want to subscribe to. That means better curation, less spam, better engagement.

When you publish new content, a subscribed reader can quickly read the title and text when the push appears. If it isn’t that interesting, he can just do nothing and it will go away after a few seconds.

One click and he is on your website, do nothing and the push goes away – BUT, your content does get the much needed visibility!  

That is why we truly believe that this is a great way both for people to subscribe to content and for publishers to elegantly interact with their mac readers.

We want to help your content better reach your community.  Let’s start pushing!

Data via Heidi Cohen



We’ve created a bunch of How-To videos to help you to get started with Push Monkey.

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